The Fascinating World of Digital Nomads

Remote work arrangements are becoming much more common as companies come to the realization that their hiring options are no longer restricted by location. Why hire an app developer locally if you can find better talent on the other side of the world, potentially at a lower cost and minus the overhead of office space?

Bright young IT professionals are taking advantage of this to “Go Nomad” – travelling the world while continuing to work from a laptop. Sites like Digital Nomad Empire have sprung up to teach aspiring remote workers the ropes of finding and keeping location independent work, whether it be through a web based business or through a remote employee contract.

Will the trend continue in the future? Time will tell, but the advances in cloud technology and video conferencing would make it seem like the logical assumption.

There are some ethical questions that pop up as a result – for instance, the use of low-paid virtual assistants in countries like the Philippines, often an integral part of running a location independent business. Is this exploitative?

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