Profiling Successful NZ Business Leaders

Today I want to take a moment to highlight a few companies that I think are doing a great job when it comes to ethics in their respective fields.

Broadfield, who do landscaping Christchurch, are really leading the way in ethics in their industry.

To give another example in an industry which is often touchy when it comes to ethics, Jessica Photography is an excellent example of family photography Auckland

And last but not least, lending companies are constantly under attack over ethical issues, especially when it comes to personal loan interest rates. Stadium in Christchurch stands out as one of the best examples of a fair and equitable company providing car finance NZ.

Find the Right Rest Home for Grandad

Recently the family and I were faced with the tough decision to place grandad in a rest home. We had been resisting it for a long time, but his memory is just not what it used to be and none of us have the time or knowledge required to give him the care he needs.

Luckily we were able to find a good local solution, one of the top rated retirement villages in Christchurch, Archer Village.┬áThese guys have won awards and know their stuff when it comes to dementia care. They have an excellent philosophy and approach to care and I’m sure grandad is going to be very happy as a patient there.


Renovating My GC Apartment

After the recent pest control dilemma, I have decided to take the time and invest the money to finally give the Gold Coast apartment a spruce up. This is long overdue, but I’ve had a hard time finding a service I could trust to do the necessary repairs. In the end, I chose a service specialising in building repair on the Gold Coast called Rock Solid. These guys started out in my hometown of Christchurch back in NZ and have built a great reputation over there, so I trusted them to handle the repairs and plastering on this job. So far, so good. If all goes well we’ll be back in the apartment before Christmas.

Dealing With Pesky Problems

Lately I have been having some pretty massive issues with scratching noises coming from inside the walls in my kitchen.

Bait and traps seemed to have no effect. The pesky little buggers managed to elude me – I never saw them with my own eyes, only heard them, scratching, scratching away forever.

In the end I got exasperated and hired Go Pest, a highly recommend rodent control service in Auckland. I must say I’m thoroughly pleased with the result.

The Fascinating World of Digital Nomads

Remote work arrangements are becoming much more common as companies come to the realization that their hiring options are no longer restricted by location. Why hire an app developer locally if you can find better talent on the other side of the world, potentially at a lower cost and minus the overhead of office space?

Bright young IT professionals are taking advantage of this to “Go Nomad” – travelling the world while continuing to work from a laptop. Sites like Digital Nomad Empire have sprung up to teach aspiring remote workers the ropes of finding and keeping location independent work, whether it be through a web based business or through a remote employee contract.

Will the trend continue in the future? Time will tell, but the advances in cloud technology and video conferencing would make it seem like the logical assumption.

There are some ethical questions that pop up as a result – for instance, the use of low-paid virtual assistants in countries like the Philippines, often an integral part of running a location independent business. Is this exploitative?

Finance Tips for NZ Travel

Well, the big day is approaching: I will be jumping on a plane to fly down to New Zealand for six weeks to travel around in a campervan. A lifelong dream come true.

I wanted to take a quick opportunity here to write a post on how I plan to budget and save money along the way.

For starters, finding a good budget travel guide is invaluable. I have just recently come across New Zealand Travel Secrets, and I have found it extremely useful for getting ideas and links to resources for budget travel in my destination country. Of course, big sites like Tripadvisor are also really handy for this.


I think another important thing is to break down which parts of your destination country are most expensive, and which are the cheapest, so you can plan how much time to spend in each place accordingly. For example, according to NZ Travel Secrets, Queenstown travel is particularly expensive – so while I would love to check it out for a good period of time, I will be extra careful to plan my budget well while I’m there.

Of course, I think it’s important to remember as well though that you shouldn’t let budget concerns get in the way of once in a lifetime opportunities!

Striving to Be Fina

If I could ask the experts for one invention which will serve all mankind and which every person will find invaluable, I would ask them to invent something which will prevent us from running out of money. I know of many people who have had numerous money problems and are now hard up. No, these people were not extravagant and they were not luxurious. They were also not bad people. These are people I know and I interact with on a day to day basis. These are good guys who just do not know how to manage their finances well. These are good guys who somehow just ended up spending more money than they should and more money than they have.


However, such thing does not exist and the next best thing we have is the best accounting software which can help us keep track of our money. I’d say this is better than nothing and everyone should take advantage of the fact that such a software is now available. This is especially helpful for companies which employ a substantial amount of people or companies which spend quite an amount of money on materials, etc.

The first step to being financially free is to have a conscious goal to want to be financially free. No more debts and no more liabilities. This should be the goal not only of companies and families but everybody’s goal. If there is any thing that can help you achieve such a goal, then I would say go for it.