Renovating My GC Apartment

After the recent pest control dilemma, I have decided to take the time and invest the money to finally give the Gold Coast apartment a spruce up. This is long overdue, but I’ve had a hard time finding a service I could trust to do the necessary repairs. In the end, I chose a service specialising in building repair on the Gold Coast called Rock Solid. These guys started out in my hometown of Christchurch back in NZ and have built a great reputation over there, so I trusted them to handle the repairs and plastering on this job. So far, so good. If all goes well we’ll be back in the apartment before Christmas.

Dealing With Pesky Problems

Lately I have been having some pretty massive issues with scratching noises coming from inside the walls in my kitchen.

Bait and traps seemed to have no effect. The pesky little buggers managed to elude me – I never saw them with my own eyes, only heard them, scratching, scratching away forever.

In the end I got exasperated and hired Go Pest, a highly recommend rodent control service in Auckland. I must say I’m thoroughly pleased with the result.